Aušros Vartų g. 6
Laisvės str. 77B
Geležinkelio str. 16

Who we are?

Our company has established in 2005. It is a Finnish capital company which runs 3 Gusto pancakes restaurants and Gusto fast frozen products in Lithuania. Gusto pancake restaurants are serving 1,130 visitors every day. The first restaurant was opened in 2005 in the heart of Vilnius in the Ausros Gates str., in 2006 in the Liberty Ave. 77 B (Laisvės pr.), and in 2009 in the Vilnius railway station. Annually we are serving more than 1,300,000 visitors. The company currently employs 89 workers.

We offer +370-647-177-77

  • High quality food at a reasonable price
  • Gluten free dishes
  • A wide menu with 10 years of experience
  • Breakfast available all day
  • Pancakes Cakes
  • Food delivery to home or office +370-647-177-77 *accept credit cards
  • Food to Conference Presentations
  • Children's holidays with "baker's program"
  • Children and adults feasts with 'bake-yourself on the table"program


Only at Gusto restaurants pancakes are baked without fat additive and on visitors’ sight, confirming 100 % fresh quality of a dish. Cooking experience and traditions brought some results – today the most popular are nominal Gusto pancakes dishes. For especially hastening Gusto restaurant offers various fresh dinners and breakfasts available all day.